Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator fired the initial shot in a short-lived beef with B.o.B., when he called B.o.B. a “faggot nigga” on “Yonkers.” Bobby Ray, being none too pleased, fired back with “No Future,” where he called the Odd Future collective “beginners,” “pussies” and “clown ass niggas” among other things.

On the heels of the Odd Future’s The OF Tape Volume 2 and B.o.B’s upcoming sophomore effort, Strange Clouds, it appears both parties have zero interest in rehashing a beef that essentially served as a small blip on Hip Hop’s radar.

“He just heard me on the radio rapping about whatever the fuck I was rapping about and was like, ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’” B.o.B explained in the March issue of GQ. “And it ended up in his lyrics. I didn’t think it was gonna escalate. The whole beef thing is kinda lame. It’s like ‘Fuck this, fuck that!’ I’m not gonna walk around the earth mad at some random person. It’s pointless.”

The full interview, dubbed as “The One-Minute Q+A with B.o.B,” is available in both the print and digital editions of GQ—on newsstands and in smartphone App Stores now.

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