Freddie Gibbs and Madlib recently announced plans to release a collaborative full-length album, which has already spawned “Thuggin’” and “Deep.” During an interview with, Gangsta Gibbs explained his working process with the West Coast producer and how it isn’t intended to cater to mainstream tastes.

“It’s been dope, it’s been crazy. He’d send me some weird ass sample, and then it’s my job to make something out of it,” he says. “You start with some big lump of clay, and I got to mold it. We shoot back and forth and we have to mold it into something, then it just comes out to something crazy like ‘Thuggin’.’ There aren’t any other records like that out.”

He continues by stating that he didn’t want to create a sellable single for the sake of moving units. Instead, if the records aren’t to fans’ liking, then he’d prefer if that didn’t listen to it.

“I wasn’t shooting for trying to make a so-called ‘single’ these days. If you’re lookin’ for that, if you’re looking for what’s on the radio right now and what everybody dances to, then don’t even bother with this Madlib shit I’m about to do. Don’t even fuck with it. That’s not what I’m doing with this. I’m just making something that really hasn’t been done. Madlib hasn’t really worked with my type of artist before, and I haven’t worked with a guy like Madlib, so I just think this is something special, something dope.”

Read the full interview at, where he also talks about his love for football, white rappers and more.

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