Super Bowl XLVI may be over a week old now, but that isn’t keeping the legendary Ghostface Killah from talking about this past football season. In a recent interview with The Score, the Wu-Tang Clan emcee weighed in on his favorite team the New York Jets and their rough 2011 season. Ghostdeini said that a lot of the problems the Jets experienced were a result of quarterback Mark Sanchez, who Ghost says simply doesn’t have the arm to keep up with the elite QBs in the league.

“I love sports,” Ghost explained. “Any real man is gonna love some type of sport…[I’m a fan of] the Jets…what I’m thinking [is that Mark Sanchez isn’t the right QB]. I’m thinking that he’s still young and I’m thinking that his arm is really not that strong like that. I don’t see no missiles really like – he’s got a couple of really nice touchdowns, but it’s not really like [he’s] the elite. You got [Drew] Brees [of the New Orleans Saints], you got Aaron [Rogers of the Green Bay Packers], I miss Peyton [Manning], but you’ve got guys like that that’s just gunning it, and it’s like …I don’t know, [Sanchez] just kinda folds at the last minute.”

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Ghost also spoke on the sports he watched growing up. Although Pretty Toney did says that he was a fan of Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboys, his real sports passion was professional boxing. He recalled that it was the bouts between Muhammad Ali and the late Joe Fraizer that really made him love the sport.

“When I was young, as far as sports, [my] football [team was] the Dallas Cowboys with Danny White and them. I loved that [White used to punt], and I loved the coach [Tom] Landry,” he recalled. “I loved that old man. He just had something about him that just, you always just wanted to look at him. Those memories, and you’ve got the boxing memories. I’m a boxing fan, too. Rest in peace to Joe Fraizer. He was a part of Muhammad Ali’s legacy, too, because those fights right there was just the fights of the century. They were just going in and he helped make Muhammad Ali what Muhammad Ali is, too.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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