It’s been almost exactly six years since J Dilla released his instrumental album Donuts, but Stones Throw Records founder Peanut Butter Wolf hopes to release its follow up.

During an interview with, PBW said that he hopes to release a sequel to the LP, but that it wouldn’t be titled Donuts Part 2.

“We always talked about releasing—and we wouldn’t call it this—but a Donuts part two,” he said. “Dilla’s beat tapes always had these great titles, named after unhealthy food that he wasn’t allowed to eat. The doctors would always tell him that he couldn’t have Burger King, he couldn’t eat this, he couldn’t eat that. So he always named his beat tapes based around that. He had one that was really great that’s still unreleased called The Pizza Man—and we always wanted to do something with it.”

He said that in order for Stones Throw to release the posthumous sequel, Ma Dukes would have to sign off on it, since he wouldn’t want to disrespect her by releasing something without her approval.

“It comes down to Ma Dukes, though. She makes all of the decisions, so it would have to come from her. She was with him in his final days and was sleeping on a cot in his room. She took care of him so much. If I was ever presented with doing something that would upset her, I just wouldn’t do it.”

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