Months after his release from prison and rapper/Black Mafia Family member Bleu DaVinci has found himself in a bit of a feud with rapper Young Jeezy. DaVinci recently spoke with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and revealed that his issue with Young Jeezy stems from the fact that the rapper allegedly isn’t supportive when it comes to the now incarcerated Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory.

“The issue now is the man running around man using Meech name like it’s like that and that little thing that Meech did on the tape for him that he keep playing on repeat was from 2009. He ain’t doing what he supposed to do. He know what time it is,” DaVinci explained.

DaVinci went on to explain that Jeezy won’t put up the money for Meech’s appeal and “refuses to step up to the plate.” He even added that Jeezy may be too caught up in his fame to help out.

“Exactly, I mean he won’t do nothing period…I just talked to the big homie recently and he’s like man it’s crazy that the part of the fam, the rappers that was connected with the fam that ended up having much success,” said DaVinci. “You know he doing his thing and he’s really in the position to make a difference in Meech life right now. He ain’t really stepping up to the plate right now and it’s crazy that I gotta come home, rebuild this B.M.F. brand from ground zero and do it all on my own you know? When we got somebody that’s still running around saying he love the man and he got him 100 percent and all that…At the end of the day the selfishness sticks in, the Hollywood, and the lights and the cameras. It blurs people’s vision sometimes.”

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