Talk about Dr. Dre’s Detox album comes and goes from time to time, but Meek Mill is discussing Dr. Dre’s “situation” now. The MMG rapper recently spoke with the Los Angeles Leakers about working with Dr. Dre. Although he avoided any final talks about “how it’s coming out” or “when it’s coming out,” Meek Mill announced that he worked on “some things” for Dr. Dre and said it was about “his situation,” leading many to believe it had to do with Detox

Before getting into the Dr. Dre talk, he spoke about T.I., another veteran he’s been associated with.

“T.I. was like a big homie,” he shared. “I was messin’ with T.I. and we was actually going through the same things when I was hanging around T.I.. I was cased up, T.I. was cased up. So we never even really was all the way in the music. We just was kickin’ it vibin’ with each other.” 

Once conversation rolled over to Dr. Dre’s work, Meek explained that their collaboration has him excited and he promised, “it’s going to be fire.” 

“Oh, naw, man. That was just me and Dre in the booth putting some things together, some magical things. You know, I did something for him. It’s his situation so you could be looking forward to it. I don’t know when it’s going to drop, how it’s going to drop, but just know it’s going to be fire, man. It’s Dr. Dre and Meek Milly so you know what time it is.” 

During the interview, Meek also announced that his Dreamchasers II tape would be out around NBA’s All-Star Weekend. 

More audio from the interview can be heard at the L.A. Leakers’ site. 

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