Reebok Classic recently caught up with Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill to talk about his career so far and recent work with Rick Ross and the MMG crew. Meek talked about what propelled him into his rap career and why he’s pursued it. He recalled that he first began rapping at the age of 12, and although his early start led him to losing a number of rap battles, his competitive spirit made stick with it.

“I’ve always been a [competitive] person. When I was about 12, I battled some guy who was like, 14,” he explained. “He ate me up in a battle and everybody was laughing, so I just wanted to let people know I could do this if I wanted to.”

Meek also talked about his latest mixtape Dream Chasers and the process that went into making it. He explained that he viewed the project as a cohesive LP that features a wide variety of track”s. At the same time, the Philly rapper explained that he also realizes that there is a notable difference in the amount of time that an artist must put into an album versus a mixtape.

“If you listen to Dream Chasers, I tried to do it like an album,” he explained. “It has some heart-felt songs, some that can touch the club, some grimy, some south-hitting beats, some story telling. I try to make it as if it is an album, but I might be on a few other peoples’ beats and I ain’t gonna take as much time [on it] as I would on an album, and when I do do my album, I’m going to try and make my album as like a top-of-the-line mixtape.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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