From lambasting Common for his “gangsta” ways to criticizing Pepsi for giving Ludacris an endorsement deal to accusing Nas of being “as violent as they come,” Fox News TV host Bill O’Reilly hasn’t made many friends in the world of Hip Hop. Now, the outspoken political commentator has most likely lost even more clout amongst Hip Hop heads for a recent comment in which he called himself “a brother.”

According to the Huffington Post, Papa Bear O’Reilly was talking with frequent guest Bernie Goldberg last night about why Goldberg is the whitest person he knows. In response, Goldberg showed a picture of himself that he took with Ice Cube, to whom he mistakenly referred to as Ice-T. O’Reilly corrected Goldberg’s mistake, jokingly referring to himself as “a brother” and saying that he “know[s] the Cubes from the Ts.”

“That’s Ice Cube, that’s not Ice-T,” O’Reilly said. “That’s just how White you are, Bernie. You don’t know Ice-T from Ice Cube…I’m a brother man, you can’t be doing that to me. I know the Cubes from the Ts.”

Although thought he may have been making a joke, Ice-T didn’t think it was funny. The west coast emcee took to Twitter when he learned of O’Reilly’s on-air assertion, replying “Fuck Bill O’Reilly.”

RT @melvedya:Comment?:Bill O’Reilly boasts about knowing diff btwn rappers Ice-T and Ice Cube, proclaims:”I’m a brother, man.”/FUCK O’Reilly
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This isn’t the first instance in which O’Reilly has made a crass and racially-charged comment. In 2006, he equated 50 Cent to a religious symbol for Kwanzaa, and then a year later, made his now-infamous comment about being surprised by the civility he experienced at soul food eatery Sylvia’s Harlem Restaurant.

A video of O’Reilly’s comments can be seen over at the Huffington Post.

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