Over the past few weeks, Jay-Z and Kanye West have been giving their fans a behind the scenes look at their widely successful Watch the Throne Tour through GlobalHue’s VOYR. Now, for the latest installment of the series, VOYR caught up with the tour’s creative director Virgil Abloh to discuss his inspiration for the tour’s visuals.

In keeping with the visual themes featured in the video to “Otis,” Abloh discussed how he, ‘Ye and Jay looked to an Americana and industrial-inspired palette for the two rappers’ stage show. He said that he wanted to purposely shift away from the high falutin visuals of the art world in favor of far grittier imagery.

“The stage show is like, big and not corny,” explained Abloh. “It’s more like dialed-in Americana, Detroit[-inspired] real industrial look, which is cool. [Festivals like] Coachella [are] very art world and down that [lane] but this is like rock ‘n’ roll… I have this saying that, ‘Fuck art, I like graphics’…I really do the whole art world and all that jazz, but I really like graphics.”

The complete third episode can be seen below.

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