It’s no secret that Philadelphia rapper Freeway has dealt with a lot during his over decade long career in music. Despite the circumstances and situations the rapper’s dealt with he’s still somehow managed to keep his head above water.

Freeway recently spoke on overcoming the odds and more during an interview with Canada’s The Come Up Show.

“You know what’s crazy? I’m just starting to realize it now. Cause like me just being me going through my everyday life I’m always moving and I’m always working so it feels like a constant movement,” said Freeway when asked how he’s managed to overcome his circumstances when other artists may have given up. “So just like recently a lot of people been like ‘Oh, I been listening to your music since I was a kid and this and that.’ Ya’ll make me feel old man. But we here man. 10 years strong, I’m still going. And the key to it is just staying true to yourself and just making that real music that you know people gonna feel, that’s what I do.”

The rapper also provided some insight into the title of his upcoming project, Diamond In The Ruff, revealing that his music career has been a lot like a diamond in the rough.  

“The diamond goes through a lot to shine. First of all you gotta go in the cave and dig the diamond out then you gotta polish it. And you gotta go through a lot of things to make a diamond shine, but once the diamond starts shining it never stops shining. And I feel as though it’s symbolic to my career,” Freeway explained. “I’m a diamond in the rough. I’m still shining throughout all the stuff that I went through. The Roc breakup, personal things, losing family members. Life just period is an everyday struggle. Even just being famous and maintaining, staying on top of your game. It takes a lot. And through all that I’m still shining so we chose Diamond In The Ruff.”

Lastly Freeway addressed the reason why he’s so intent on updating fans when it comes to his music and projects.

“My fans love me. They’re with me. We’re a movement so I feel as though if you’re a part of my movement it’s important for me to let you know what’s going on so that’s what I do,” said Freeway.



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