Asher Roth recently switched labels from SRC Records to Def Jam/Loud Records, with plans to release his sophomore album Is This Too Orange? Next year. Speaking with, Roth explained why he decided to sign with the famed imprint, stating that it has the “mindset to compete” and that it was the right fit for him.

“The music industry has changed drastically, even from the last time my album [2009’s Asleep in the Bread Aisle] was out,” he said. “Def Jam, I feel like, has the mindset to continue to compete, and it’s just one of those labels that will stick it out and will grind it out. And from my experiences sitting in that room [with them], they’re very much like, ‘Hey Asher, what do you wanna do? Let’s make that happen.”

Asher insisted that his relationship with SRC CEO Steve Rifkind is still close, and that despite the fact that his single “I Love College” succeeded and Bread Aisle didn’t have as strong sales, Def Jam assured him that it will smartly handle his next project.

“Def Jam asked [manager] Scooter [Braun] what happened with the first album — from their perspective, they were like, ‘Huge single and great album, what happened?’, because the sales weren’t really reflective of the product. And when Scooter gave them the breakdown, they were like, ‘Hey, bring it over here, we really believe in Asher and we really like what he does.”

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