In an interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta on Tuesday, Fat Joe further opened up about his obesity and the diseases associated with it. The Bronx native revealed that he’s now lost 100 pounds in an effort to maintain a healthy life.

He said, “I was talking to my trainer yesterday and he asked me, ‘When was the last time you were slim?’ I swear to God I think when I was a month or two months old. That was it, I was Fat Joe ever since.” As a successful rapper, his lavish lifestyle led him to splurge on food, he explained. “[I felt like] ‘I’m rich now. I can go to Mr. Chow’s and eat all the steak and lobster I want.'”

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But with the death of his biggest influence and friend Big Pun in 2000 as well as the deaths of six of his friends in the past year due complications with obesity, he said he felt his own life was in danger.

“I think I weighed about 450, 460 at my heaviest. I always took pride in being fat. That’s why my name is Fat Joe. And I always represented for the big people. But I realized at a certain point all my big people were dying…My best, best, best, best friends don’t even know this but I was diabetic for 16 years–since I was 14. And being that I lost weight [I have] no more diabetes.”

Fat Joe’s current weight stands at close to 250 pounds after the weight loss.