Kreayshawn reportedly netted a $1 million recording contract off the strength of her breakout single “Gucci Gucci,” but her co-writer Speak isn’t facing the same success. In his profile with LA Weekly, the 25-year-old musician, who also wrote her follow-up track “Rich Whores,” says he hasn’t yet profited from the track despite her signing a lucrative deal.

“That’s the weird thing,” he says, “seeing someone become rich overnight and getting to do all the cool things that come with being a successful artist, knowing you had a part in that, but eating Spam for dinner.”

Speak, who is releasing his new album Inside Out Boy on November 14th, is also lending his pen to No Doubt and Plies, but is content with his situation. “When I put out my album, will the world care? Probably fucking not. That’s humbling. It’s depressing to have the world sing along to your every fucking word, and not care about you,” he says.

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