Recently, Kreayshawn was asked about how she felt being one of many celebrities whose private nude photos leaked on the internet.

“Yeah, definitely [it made me feel more vulnerable,” she said in an interview with “Don’t send your emails and phone numbers on Twitter and stuff like that. You gotta be more secretive. But, fuck, what the fuck are you gonna do?”

“But did you know – did you know the guy who did that to me – did you know how many years he’s facing in jail?” asked Kreayshawn. “A hundred-and-twenty motherfucking years,” she said, explaining that it was the same person who leaked nude photos of Scarlett Johannson.

Kreayshawn also discussed whether she’d rather be an internet celebrity or a Rap star. “I dont’ know. I mean, I think the internet is something that’s always moving, so, I mean, being an internet star, you might be more popular than a rap star.”

Watch the interview below:

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