While there has been a lot of speculation over which mainstream emcee Pusha T is speaking against in recent songs and interviews, there is also another conflict that’s less subliminal. In promoting his new project Pusha took the time to throw a few lyrical jabs in his song “Don’t Fuck With Me (Dreams Money Can Buy)” . It would now seem that those jabs have led to a full blown rhyming match with fellow Virginia emcee Ambassador Rick. Not one to shrug things off, easily Rick quickly dropped his reply to Pusha called “Fake Love.”

Ambassador Rick recently spoke to HipHopDX  about the history that led to his lyrical reaction and where he currently stands when it comes to Pusha Ton. The Ambassador states that Virginia shows him love and definitely is ushering in some strong support. “As far as feedback, I get love from the V and always have – before this record,” asserted Rick. “[There] was a time when you could hear me on the local radio just as much as The Clipse. People, for the most part, know that I ain’t about ignorance. So for me to diss [Pusha T], it had to be a good reason – plus they heard [“Don’t Fuck With Me”], so they knew a response was coming. Everything that I said in that record came from what the streets been saying for a while; those aren’t [just] my opinions, except for when I spoke on personal accounts. Some People rock with them out here because they from the V and they are one of the few Rap groups or rappers that made it, but D.I.D is home team and we represent for the people.”

Earlier this month, as Pusha was asked by DX about Ambassador Rick, the G.O.O.D. Music artist laughed and said, “I feel like this: in all honesty, we’ve come a long way in my city. And when I say my city, I really mean that. Out here, we’ve come a long way musically to be accepted by the bigger cities, the bigger Hip Hop hubs, so I’m not gonna get into anything that’s gonna be an embarrassment to my city. Everybody knows, as far as this whole Virginia thing goes, I rep this to the fullest. I’ve been doing it out here for a long, long time. I’ve been holding this place down everywhere I go. When they ask for the face of “VA,” there’s a few names that they’re gonna bring up. And mine is definitely one of them.”

As for Rick, Ambassador also stated that he has plans beyond the beef to serve up to listeners. “Next, I plan to make a unique contribution to the game. I got the video for ‘Fake love’ and the Ricky Leaks [mixtape] coming along with just more dope records. I make good music; I ain’t a battle rapper, but I ain’t above a good rapper slaying either.”