The latest part in Red Bull Music Academy’s “Five out of Five” event series highlighted legendary rapper and storytelling innovator, Slick Rick.

The topic of discussion was Slick Rick’s classic album, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. “It was a new experience for me,” explained Slick Rick. “I had to make my own album, my own records, had to make the music, the cuts. …I had to make sure I had tracks that would sell myself.”

“I don’t think they should’ve put out ‘Teenage Love’ first. I think they should’ve put out ‘Children’s Story’ or ‘Mona Lisa,’ but they put out ‘Teenage Love’ first. That was like, trying to kill a nigga career,” opined Rick, laughing.

Slick Rick spoke about a number of his classic cuts, including the seminal “Children’s Story.” “It’s like a bedtime story. If you’re talking to little kids…it’s imagination, your reality, your ambiance, whatever. …You just incorporate to make the story richer. It’s hard to open people’s eyes to the vets’ place in Hip Hop. Vets are supposed to run record labels and do certain things that incorporate your culture.”

The Reb Bull music academy has also highlighted Mobb Deep and the Diplomats.

Watch the interview below: