The Diplomats recently took part in Red Bull Music Academy’s “Five Out of Five” tour. The crew took part in an info session and discussed, among other things, their contentious history with Jay-Z.

“We walked into the studio, and Jay said, ‘I got a surprise for y’all,'” explained Juelz Santana. “[At this point] we was wondering why he didn’t want to jump on records that he could’ve jumped on already. So ‘Oh Boy’ is already out of this world, gettin’ probably like ten thousand spins.”

“So we walk up into the studio room, and we’re like, ‘What’s the surprise?’ and [Young] Guru pulls up ‘Oh Boy,’ with a Jay-Z verse. On top of the Jay-Z verse, he’s dissing Nas!”

“Cam made [Guru] erase the verse…to the point where Cam told Guru, ‘You better erase that, I don’t ever want to hear that.”

When Cam’s time came to speak about Jay, the Harlem rapper pointed largely to Jay-Z’s standoffish attitude as the reason for their noted friction. “That’s been going on with me and him forever. My first album ever, he comes in to see the Sony studio, he comes in like, ‘Yo, lemme talk to you for a minute?'” Cam continued, mimicking Jay. “‘I wanted to tell you, I didn’t know you was that nice.’ …I said, ‘I appreciate it, maybe we can do something for my album.’ He said, ‘I’m not here to lobby for a spot on your album.'”

Watch the two-part interview below, courtsey of, in which Cam also talks bringing Mariah Carey to Harlem and touring with Destiny’s Child.


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