Two years after Corey “C-Murder” Miller was sentenced to life in prison for a 2002 murder, his lawyers have filed an appeal in Gretna, Louisiana for a new trial.

According to, Miller’s legal team appeared before a panel of court judges yesterday, arguing that “the trial judge pressured jurors to reach a verdict, to prosecutors using unsubstantiated claims that the New Orleans-born rapper threatened witnesses to remain silent.”

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“No DNA,” wrote Miller’s team in one of two briefs filed. “No fingerprints. No gun. No ballistics. No testing for gunshot residue. No incriminating statements. Not one piece of physical evidence directly linking Corey Miller to the shooting. The irreconcilable tales of two flip-flopping, deal-driven and reluctant (to testify) witnesses is the only evidence propping up the state’s case.”

Miller, who did not appear in court, is serving his life sentence for killing a teenage fan almost 10 years ago. 

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