Former No Limit Records artist Corey “C-Murder” Miller will be appealing his murder charge conviction, which was given last month [click to read]. The charge stems from a 2002 nightclub shooting in which C-Murder was charged with the shooting of 16-year-old Steve Thomas. C-Murder was found guilty, and subsequently was given a life sentence with no parole.

Describing C-Murder‘s conviction as “racist,” close associate and TRU Records artist Tomeka feels the local Louisiana government was against C-Murder‘s innocence from the beginning, saying, “It is time that the public is educated on how this case was handled, and how an innocent man has been put behind bars because he is an African-American rapper whose case is unfortunately being tried in Jefferson Parish. The racists have gone so far as to put up a billboard stating ‘Corey Miller is guilty.'”

Director of Online Marketing for RBC Records, Brett Morrow, has likewise explained that C-Murder believers are planning to take action in order to show their support.

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We have contacted the NAACP and are currently organizing the community for several protests of his arrest,” Morrow said. “We hope to have Corey home soon and once and for all vindicated in the court of law.”

In related news, RBC Records will be releasing a new album from C-Murder entitled Calliope Click on September 29. The album’s first singe, “It’s So Hard,” has recently hit the Internet.