After Diddy engaged in an altercation with a club patron this past weekend, T.I. is clearing up rumors that he yelled at Puff for his actions. Speaking with Wild Atlanta 105.7 & 96.7, Tip said that it’s all love and that there is no beef between the two.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of embellishment going on online,” he said. “First of all, me and Puff, we go way, way back. That’s like a brother to me. So whatever was said by me was said out of love. I made no attempt to belittle him or to check him. Puff’s a grown man, he do what he want to do. I just felt it was necessary for me to separate for myself from the situation that was going on, just so people knew that I wasn’t involved because of my personal circumstances. That’s the kind of activity that I can’t afford to engage in right now.”

The King of the South said that their relationship is too strong to be tested by the incident.

“We too big and we too strong in our relationship, it goes too deep for that. Of course, I offered my opinion in the process of me separating myself from the situation, but my opinion was offered out of love,” he continued. “People talking about we got into a physical altercation and I checked him and all. That wasn’t like that, nothing of the sort.”

Since then, he’s spoken with the Bad Boy mogul several times and that there are no residual hard feelings.

“We spoke that night, spoke the next day, spoke today. Me and Puff, we like brothers. We cool, we good. He one of the first people on his level to reach down to me when no one knew who T.I. was. So he was one of the first people to notice me and he’s always been very supportive and just an extreme example of how to get where I’m trying to be.”




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