It seems as though drama involving Little Brother is not limited to being inside the group, as Justus League affiliate Jozeemo revealed that he has problems with them of his own.

“It’s like this. I had my own movement going on and Little Brother and [Hall of Justus] reached out to me and wanted me to rock with them…wanted to show me the dough…wanted to sign me,” explained Jozeemo in an interview on “Phonte and 9th were very instrumental in getting me to sign. Of course after I signed, the Little Brother thing fell apart — 9th left the group, Phonte says he was tired of rapping so he started doing Neo-Soul. You know, while they were beefing with each other and Phonte posted the video about 9th and how they hate each other, I was still cool with everybody cause once again, I wasn’t with them from the start. They reached out to me while it was in full stream. I had my own relationship with each one of them and it didn’t have anything to do with any of that other bullshit that was going on.”

Jozeemo continued, explaining that he was eventually set aside. “I [was] featured on two Little Brother albums, Getback and Leftback. Two songs–one per album and every time Little Brother did a show, they would never do my songs. They would never take me with them. I’m not saying that anyone owes me anything, but why even come to me and say you ride with me, you believe in me, you think I’m hot, and I’m dope and then when I get with you, you don’t want to do anything with me?”

In the interview, Jozeemo’s allegations include 9th Wonder giving him a “throwaway beat,” and that 9th falsely told him he would end up on Murs’ album.

“Some people are going to say I’m just saying this to promote the album. Let me tell you something man. Let me make one thing crystal clear — I have never sold an album period. I was signed to HOJ in 2007, I dropped a wack album with them, and it was wack. I can say the album was wack! It was poorly put together, the beat selection wasn’t all that great. I mean, I’m not one of those dudes that stand on the soap box and toot my own horn because I know that I’m a realist, you feel me? So, I’ve never sold an album period so I don’t care about album sales.”

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