Montreality recently caught up with Sean Price while performing in Canada. During the interview, Ruck gave some insight into his teen years and school career. He said that he was a class clown, but that he made sure to keep up with his education. He also said that he worked a number of different jobs as a youth, delivering messages and school lunches for a number of companies.

“I was a clown,” he said. “I knew my shit though, but I was a clown…[as a teen,] I worked at People’s Choice. It’s like a meat house, a meat factory, pause…I [also] delivered free lunches to schools. I worked at Beth Israel [Hospital]. First, I worked there with a suit and tie, then I worked in the laundry room. And then after that, I got a record deal. In between all of that, I had a few bullshit messenger jobs, shit like that.”

Sean also spoke about the first purchase he made after he became a rapper. He said that he intially tried to buy his mother a house in her home state of Virginia, but she refused to move from her apartment in Brooklyn. He said that ultimately, the most he ever spent at a single time with his royalties checks was for his mother’s funeral.

“My moms, she was always talking about how she wanted to move back [to Virginia], you know, ‘cus my mother was always really a southern lady…I was going to provide her the cash for that and make that move and be good, and she flipped on me. She was like, ‘Hell no, nigga…I ain’t leaving the projects. All I gotta do is pay muthafuckin’ rent.’ She wouldn’t move, she wouldn’t leave the projects. She was like, ‘When you buy a house, you’ve gotta pay a water bill, you gotta pay this, you gotta pay that – shit, all I gotta pay is my rent and my cable.’ I was like, fuck it. I understood her…actually, the most I’ve spent at one time was for my mom’s funeral.”

The full interview can be viewed below.

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