As Big Sean revels in having released his first album, the Detroit emcee has spoken on a range of topics, ranging from his early days to his evolution as an artist.

“On my first mixtape, Mike Posner, he produced a song called ‘Smoke and Drive’ on there,” reminisced Sean in an interview with AmarudoTV. “Me and him been friends way before we blew up, so it’s so tight to just be homies and be in the positions that we’re both in. That’s my good friend. My good, good friend.”

“It’s crazy, man, we used to be in his mom’s basement, working on music. Me and him. Crazy. He’s a genius. He’s it. Mike Posner’s definitely just really good.”

Big Sean continued, explaining the distinction between mixtapes and albums. “I would always have my album, and then I would be like, ‘nah, I’m just gonna use this as a mixtape,’ and it kept building my buzz.”

Finally Famous, the album, was like me graduating,” explained Big Sean, who likened his mixtapes more to final exams. “It took about a year’s time to make that project. No I.D., Kanye, Pharrell [all] really helped out. They helped me transition from being a mixtape artist to making a really good album.”

“For mixtapes, you don’t gotta worry about making hit records. For an album, it’s gotta be more structured.”

Watch the interview below:

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