This week, Fabolous and Ray J both shared their sides of the story behind their alleged fight. Both also named 50 Cent as a witness to this altercation. As a result, Funkmaster Flex asked 50 Cent about the quarrel, looking for more information about the incident. During the interview, 50 also shared his thoughts on Game’s disses and more. 

When discussing the Ray J/Fabolous feud, 50 noted that there was a minor scuffle. According to Fif, Ray J approached Fabolous in a manner that was somewhat aggressive. However, he also acknowledged that while there was a swing, the punch did not land. 

“[Ray J] pushed at [Fabolous]. Soon as he came, he tapped him on both shoulders and said, ‘I told you my peoples weren’t gonna like that.’ Then, there was that swing he’s talking about…There was a swing but it didn’t land on nothing so you can’t call it a punch. Ray J did swing at him [but] if he connected, [Fabolous] would have had a mark on him or something.”

He also noted that Ray J may have been drinking before this took place.

“I think he had a little bit of juice in him. You know what I’m saying? I think Ray had a little something.”

Flex also turned the discussion to Game, a longtime rival of 50 Cent. According to the New York DJ, Game made comments regarding 50 Cent’s sexual orientation. To this, 50 replied that “it’s desperation” on Game’s part. 

“It’s desperation…If that’s a valid question, they really just need to ask the young ladies,” he said. “What song is playing right now, Flex, from his new LP?” 

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