During an in-depth interview with GQ, Rick Ross covered a gamut of issues. But, as always, the Miami rapper found himself discussing the always-controversial topic of his authenticity.

“Of course. Of course! That was the mosh pit I was raised in, and when you listen to my music, you hear me boasting of the most lavish shit,” he explained, before delving into his background. “But I saw the underworld of Miami Vice. A dude we grew up with was on America’s Most Wanted. An $80 million drug ring came from my neighborhood. The reason street motherfuckers cool with me is if you don’t come from that life, you can’t get away with portraying that life. That’s the story I tell. That’s the story I saw. You saw a plaque at the house for a good friend of mine who was murdered in front of his wife and three kids. A good friend. P-Nut. Rest in peace.”

But it wasn’t all tough talk for the Bawse. The subject of former congressman Anthony Weiner, of whom an explicit photo was famously leaked, came up.

“How the fuck that shit get out?” asked Ross. “Chicks send me pictures. And I appreciate it! I love all of them. But I don’t do that shit. I’m the Boss.”

“Real niggas don’t send dick flicks.”

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