In a recent interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Common discussed the meaning of his upcoming memoir, One Day It’ll All Make Sense.

“It’s about the evolution of a young man growing into manhood,” said Com. “It’s about love relationships, not only on a romantic level but love for the art you’re doing, music and acting, love for my mother, my daughter.

“And, of course, Chicago. It’s not only the backdrop on the cover, it’s the backdrop of my life.”

Common explained that the book would paint him in a bit of a different light for fans that have only seen his “conscious” side. “I think we have a very true, authentic, warm sense about us coming from Chicago. There’s also some grit and rawness and ruggedness that exists, too. That comes out in things I’ve done. Some of those incidents I talk about where I got into fights, some street things I was involved in — it’s part of Chicago life, it’s part of me. People don’t always picture Common doing those things, but we’ve all got a past. I’m not afraid to look back.”

“As a man, I take responsibility for things I’m doing, have done or want to do,” he said. “Talking about this stuff helped me see different aspects that make me a man — the sense of self, who you are, things you want in life, things you love, what your values are. A man has to be able to express himself, to say what he needs and wants and do that in any setting, to be himself. But he has to take responsibility.”

One Day It’ll All Make Sense is in stores now.

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