Apologizing isn’t easiest thing to do, and in the hypermasculine world of Hip Hop, admitting you’re wrong is damn-near devastating. So after Soulja Boy apologized for bashing the military on “Let’s Be Real,” Complex decided to make a list detailing the 20 most humiliating apologies in Hip Hop. From Public Enemy atoning for Professor Griff’s anti-semetic comments to Jay-Z’s mom making her son apologize to Nas for “Superugly,” the list will have you saying to yourself, “You know you done fucked up, right?” 

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Not every emcee in the game has kept it smooth like Kane; over the years, Hip Hop’s been host to dozens of ear-shattering vocalists. And in an era where sensitivity is the standard, it’s nice to remember that not all emcees keep it baby powder soft like Drake. So that’s why we give props to Complex for their list of the 25 loudest rappers in the game, reminding us that artists like Dirty McGirt, M.O.P. and DMX pumped up the volume and screamed on your ass like your dad.

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As much as underground heads probably wouldn’t like to admit, there’s a good reason why Hova is the reigning king of Hip Hop: the man has more hits than Yung Berg’s face. And with Watch the Throne mania in full swing, Jay-Z’s likely to have many more of them to come. Rounding out a proverbial triple play of Loose Links is Complex’s massive list of the 100 best songs by Jay-Z. The Roc is definitely in the building.

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