From his celebrated music to his often outrageous outfit choices to even his unabashed ego, there’s very little about Kanye West that isn’t entertaining. But perhaps Yeezy’s most entertaining moments come when he opens his mouth and says whatever comes to mind. Now, on the six-year anniversary of his infamous (and utterly awesome) Hurricane Katrina-inspired spat against George Bush, Complex put together a list of ‘Ye’s 10 best rants. From verbally chin-checking Canadian radio hosts to crashing nearly ever music award show stage imaginable, Kanye’s antics don’t get much more audacious than this.

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As deep as Lil Wayne’s discography already is, the list of rumored collaborative projects is utterly overwhelming. And it doesn’t help that Birdman keeps tacking projects on to that list every time someone from WorldStar shoves a camera in his face. So to help Weezy F. get a head start on releasing his long-awaited LPs with the likes of T-Pain, Julez Santana and a host of other artists, Complex came up with fake album covers for each of his eight LPs on deck. 

Check Out Complex’s “Fake Covers for Lil Wayne’s Rumored Albums”

Jay-Z may be the proverbial king of the caslte in Hip Hop these days, but even Hov’s made some egregious business mistakes over the years (like Memphis Bleek). So leave it to the authority on all things Hov-related Zack O’Malley Greenburg to do a bang-up job on pointing out one of Jay’s biggest business flops. Greenburg deconstructs the failed 2005 Jay-Z Jeep and how Mr. Carter has since learned from that misstep.  

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