Erykah Badu has been holding it down as one of the few R&B acts to headline Rock the Bells 2011, but she’s a Hip Hop head at heart. Speaking with MTV2’s Sucker Free, the soulful singer explained that she’s a “B-girl” at heart and even writes as if she were a rapper.

“I mean, I’m a B-girl. I grew up listening to Hip Hop. I write like an MC, I write for my MC peers, I hope they really appreciate it, the subject matters,” she said. “I sing the politics of our culture. That’s all Hip Hop, something you live.”

In terms of her history with the pillars of Hip Hop culture, Badu is a card-carrying member of the community. “I used to breakdance, DJ, MC… No graffiti. I’m alright [at DJing]. I can’t show you my whole hand, but I’m alright. I’m going in all the way.”

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