Columbus, Ohio emcee/producer Illogic has had a quiet solo career for the last two years since 2009’s Diabolical Fun. The Greenhouse Effect member announced this week that on September 6, he is releasing Year 8076. The free project, available on, was originally intended for retail release on Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Rhymesayers Entertainment.

Recorded in 2005 and 2006, the longtime affiliate artist of the label wrote on his website, “There was never anything formally signed with Rhymesayers, but [Year 8076 producer] Walter Rocktight and I were in serious talks about the release of the album with the groundbreaking label. Since I was heavily touring with their artists such as Eyedea and Abilities, Soul Position, as well as doing spot dates with Atmosphere for many years, it was a logical move for both them and I.”

Illogic added, “Unfortunately, due to unforeseen life circumstances, Rocktight and I advised Rhymesayers that we would not be releasing the album and it has since sat on the shelf. This was the beginning of my five-year hiatus leading up to the release of Diabolical Fun in 2009. If I’m being honest, not releasing this record has always been the one thing in my musical career that I regret.”

Earlier this year, Illogic’s band-mate Blueprint released Adventures In Counter-Culture on Rhymesayers.