Jean Grae recently released her DJ Drama-hosted Cookies or Comas  mixtape in preparation for her oft-delayed LP Cake or Death, but claims that she won’t release the album until it’s perfect. Speaking with Boulder Weekly, Jean explained that she won’t announce a release date for the follow-up to 2008’s Jeanius until everything is perfect.

“I think the idea is when it’s right, when everything sounds like what it’s really supposed to sound like instead of rushing to get everything out, then it’ll come out,” she said. “It’s really heavy on the music side of things, and by that I mean tons of vocal arrangements, string arrangements and horn arrangements. It’s not a very typical rap kind of album. And I think it’s OK to take the time to make it coalesce instead of rushing to put something out. Because there’s gonna be 82 albums that come out that sound exactly like it … no, not really. But you guys can wait.”

She also addressed the release of 2008’s The Evil Genius, released against her will by Babygrande Records. She isn’t supposed to talk about the situation where her vocals were put to instrumentals from Blue Sky Black Death, but had a few sharp words to share.

“Yeah, that’s interesting isn’t it?” she said. “I don’t even know those albums are coming out, and then there’s like … an album. I’m like, ‘Oh, wow, what songs are those?’ I don’t even know those songs. You just took my vocals and beats and called it a new album? So, fuck babygrande.”

Grae is currently on her “Cake or Death” pre-release tour, the dates for which can be viewed here.

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