One of west coast Hip Hop’s most influential voices of the early 90’s, The D.O.C., is undergoing serious surgery to repair his vocal chords. The D.O.C. recently spoke with DubCNN about this forthcoming procedure, sharing his thoughts on the process. 

“I feel pretty good, trying not to get too emotional about it one way or the other,” he explained. “But you know, if I go and see what these people can do and if they can give me just a little more power and control of my sound, then the world changes. I can’t even explain to you how the whole rap thing changes like overnight…I am really excited.”

The No One Can Do It Better emcee is currently working on a new project with many longtime friends, affiliates and colleagues. For now, this new album stands untitled but it will be an album where other artists “are going to be the voice” of D.O.C., a collaborative effort that will include mainstream artists as well as unknown emcees. 

“I’m building an album now, right at this very moment, with a lot of my old friends like DJ Quik, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, Andre 3000, and E-40. I’m going to get everybody and do this record. I don’t know what it is going to be called yet, but a lot of the music on this record will be new artists. I am going to write the record and produce the record, but I am going to find young people around America, for lack of a better way to put it, to be my voice for me until I get my voice back…That’s going to be the M.O., to help find the people that are going to be the voice for me on this record. So it may be someone with no record ever and [they will] be on a song with Snoop or Cube or 3000 or this person or that person, produced by me. Maybe after I have this surgery and spend some time recuperating, I can go back in and re-record the parts that were supposed to be mine over again.”

He also added that faith takes an important role in his situation, acknowledging how inspirational his comeback can be.

“I am putting it into God’s hands and I got faith that he didn’t bring me all this way for nothing. My spirit is good, I’m not the same alcoholic kid that I used to be, I am not concerned about how many joints I can smoke, how much money I can have in my pocket, my idea of things have changed. My story is a great one, I think that me making it this far is such a remarkable thing that it has to give people who are going through other issues in their life the sign to say no matter what, never give up, you dream no matter what, as long as you’re breathing; as long as you are above the ground there is always opportunity and God is always waiting to give you exactly what you want if you believe hard enough.”

Earlier this year, D.O.C. spoke with HipHopDX’s Paul W. Arnold regarding the surgery. That interview can be read here. The complete DubCNN interview can be read here

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