With his debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story landing in stores September 27th, J. Cole recently spoke with HipHopCanada about what fans can expect on the LP. According to Cole, the release will be a reflection of his “evolution” and evoke emotions from listeners.

“Just expect evolution. Expect a lot of stuff. It depends on if you heard the leaks. I got this song called ‘Lost Ones,’ it’s an incredible story, a lot of emotion,” he said. “There’s people who listen to that song who might cry when they hear that song, because it’s that intense or whatever. There are other songs like that on the album as well. There’s other songs that are that emotional or that intense, that even me, when I listen to them when they’re done, I’m like, whoa. It feels like I was on a ride.”

Though emotional records populate the album, Cole explains that there are a fair amount of upbeat records to balance out the heavier tunes. “You can expect that, you can expect some fun records like ‘Can’t Get Enough,’ which is with Trey Songz. Couple other things, it’s a good balance. But it’s really strong, production, lyrics, concepts, stories. Really strong.”

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