Over the past half a decade, Boston producer/DJ Statik Selektah has built up a reputation as one of the hardest working beatmakers in the underground scene. Now, it looks like Statik’s hark work is paying off, as he’s announced that he will be featured on Nas’s next album Life is Good.

In an interview with DJ Pizzo of HipHopSite.com, Statik revealed that Def Jam has confirmed that one of his beats will appear on God’s Son’s forthcoming LP. He said that while he’s not completly sure the inked has dried on the deal, Def Jam did call him to clear the sample.

“Nas did a couple of records to my beats, but Def Jam called me…to clear an actual [sample] for his actual album [Life is Good],” he said. “Hopefully, I don’t get destroyed on the publishing, but it doesn’t matter, it’s Nas. The song’s done. He told me it was on the album. I can’t say it’s like, 1,000,000% [certain], but according to Def Jam, it’s like 100%.”



Before Nas’s LP hit stores, however, Statik is releasing his own LP Population Control via Duck Down and his ShowOff imprint on October 25. Statik recalled recording one of the album’s tracks with Mac Miller before Mac struck it big with fans. He said that it’s surreal to have watched the Pittsburgh come up in the game from a local talent to an internationally known star.

“The Mac Miller record was the first song I did for the whole [Population Control] album, and when we…recorded it, nobody knew who Mac Miller was,” he said. “Now, he’s got like 40 million views on YouTube, so it’s one of my favorite records just for the fact that the space we were in when we recorded it in. I remember he met me in Manhattan, and I was like, ‘You know what? Let’s go back to the studio…I got to get you on the album’…I tried getting a cab for like ten minutes and couldn’t get one, so I was like, ‘We’re taking the train.’ So I remember being on the train and we’re just talking…and people are looking at us like, ‘What are these guys talking about?’ Now that I look back on it, if he got on the train right now, it’d be a frenzy.”

Watch the two interviews below to hear about Statik’s projects with REKS, Action Bronson and Termanology.

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