It’s been five years since his smash debut Best Thang Smokin’, but that doesn’t mean Young Dro hasn’t been keeping busy over the years. Now, the Grand Hustle rapper is preparing to make his return to the charts with his sophomore release P.O.L.O. (Playas. Only. Live. Once.). caught up with the Atlanta rapper to discuss his impending LP and what he’s got cooked up for fans on it. Dro named a few of the many collaborators set to appear on P.O.L.O., including his “Shoulder Lean” partner Lil’ C and veteran rhymer Talib Kweli. Dro also explained that he was looking to join Raekwon in the studio for a track, but that time ran out.

“My project is going to be phenomenal, I stick to the basics, I got Raz who did stuff for BMF, I got Lil’ C (C Gutta) that made ‘Shoulder Lean’ and that’s one of my solid producers that I can count on,” he said. “I got DJ Smallz who produced a few tracks, we got the Band Geeks, it’s a couple of more producers. I got Talib Kweli on the album. If we had more time I would have got Raekwon. A couple of people, not people that I would be jumping on the bandwagon, but a couple of people that I really liked. I never wanted to go grab someone that everyone wanted because they are on the radio. I want the authentic. A lot of these cats that be on radio be lames.”

Dro also spoke about his incarcerated friend and Grand Hustle head honcho T.I. He updated fans on Tip’s situation, saying that he’s been taking his recent sentence in stride and preparing to make the necessary life changes to keep from getting locked up again.

“Tip was on the phone the other day, and he on his way home. Tip on the phone ordering shoes and shit,” he said. “I might email him a catalog from time to time and he sends it right back with the stuff he wants,” Dro said laughing. “He’s ordering $5,000 shoes on the phone. He’s doing the Internet thing. We shoot him an email and he can see the catalog and we be ordering out the catalog all day. He’s getting handkerchiefs and shit.”

He added, “As far as when he gets home, things are going to be very different. Hell yeah things are going to be different. We have jeopardized our livelihood, you know which is like the devil and everyone makes mistakes and we still have a shot, its not over. We entitled to 2-3 falls, as long as you make good on it. How dare we mess it all the way up. Long as we make good, we will be OK. Get back up again. Fall and get back up. Because he ain’t no evil person, we will prosper and come back even better.”

 P.O.L.O. (Playas. Only. Live. Once.) does not currently have a set release date. DX will keep you updated.

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