Some younger or more casual Hip Hop fans may easily forget just how influential the Wu-Tang Clan was since it’s been nearly 17 years since their debut. Yet, during a previously unreleased interview with Tim Westwood, both U-God and Method Man took it upon themselves to remind listeners about how they helped bring hardcore, sample-based, Hip Hop that focused on lyrics back to the forefront during their peak.

“Let’s be clear with the audience out here…first of all, when brothers say ‘change the game’ they use it in a way that’s so cliché, you don’t exactly know what they’re talking about,” Method Man said. “We came in as a unit with the option to sign deals as solo artists. And we had labels who never talked to each other actually working together. That’s how you change the game.”

During one of the interview’s lighter moments, Tim Westwood played Meth, U-God and Mathematics a soundbyte of Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno (R), quoting the Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” on the senate floor. Westwood was also apparently privy to some behind the scenes moments during the Clan’s previous visits across the pond, as he shared some fond memories of Russell Simmons being robbed and some funny moments with Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“I remember O.D.B. turning up super late and super drunk after the lights had gone off,” Westwood recalled. “He had a pair of women’s tights on his head…it might have been a stocking cap, but it was actually the full stocking. It had two legs coming out of it.”

As Westwood segued into talk of O.D.B.’s more turbulent personal times, U-God and Meth opted to keep things positive saying only Ol’ Dirty’s immediate family members should speak on the subject.

“He was such a unique brother,” Method Man offered. “I still miss him, and it never goes away.”

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