Just this year alone Dom Kennedy has dropped two mixtapes—The Original Dom Kennedy in March, followed byFrom The Westside With Love II in June—and still the L.A. native has no plans to slow down.

In an interview with Billboard, Dom was outspoken about his goal to put L.A. back on the rap map, citing that as his reason for releasing a constant stream of music. Next up will be a DVD mini-movie to accompany the Westside With Love II mixtape, which will further detail stories breached on the tracks.”The songs and everything are in order for a reason; it happens over a weekend,” he explained. “It starts on Friday morning and ends on Monday morning. I haven’t really told many people that, but I want the movie to show how everything is connected and why the songs are what they are.”

Dom also confirmed that he would continue to release music through his independent label OpM (Other People’s Money), instead of trying to link up with high-profile producers. “If I was on the label and working with Swizz Beatz over here and I’m working with Pharrell and I’m working with this person and we just all f*cking lost… we looking for a radio song, but what really does that mean in terms of the album?” he said. “We’re just throwing darts in the dark. That’s not really what I do.”



According to the West Coast rapper, his next full-length project may drop as early as this fall, but it will likely be geared toward the ladies. “It’s more so because I have a lot of female fans and it’s an element to my music that I feel like I can really excel at that I haven’t already tapped into,” he said. “I like the fact that people think that you can’t make a dope song that guys and girls will like that’s respectable.”

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