Swizz Beatz has come to the defense of his fellow Ruff Ryder DMX, who is finishing a bid in jail stemming from probation violation. Speaking with AHH, the producer/rapper explained that he would never count anyone out from the game and that he’ll always be involved in X’s career in one way or another.

“I’ll always work with DMX. That’s my brother no matter what,” he explained. “I don’t use people’s personal problems to judge our relationship. Everybody got personal problems in one way or another. Some people personal problems are more upfront than others, but everybody have a problem that they don’t wanna discuss like that or they wouldn’t want people to know.”

As for X’s chance for a comeback, Swizzy explains that he doesn’t think anything could stop him from returning to the scene, and that it’s just a matter of reclaiming the throne.

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“Anybody can bounce back. One thing about me, I never count nobody out,” he continued. “X was a winner already. Now it’s just a matter of getting that title back. It’s like a boxing fight, you win some you lose some. Bottom line is, he’s a winner. It’s just on when he wants to win again. It’s all up to him.”

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