L-R-G recently presented the third installment of their viral video series “Rich & Black Chronicles,” live from behind the scenes of Raekwon and Nas’s “Rich & Black” video. In this latest installment, the two emcees reflected on how they faced down a near-violent situation in New York.

Nas recalled an incident when he and the Chef were driving around in the latter’s Acura. He explained that the two got into a heated verbal dispute with a group of white men, but that they ultimately avoided violence.

“There was [one time] me and Rae got ready to fight these white boys,” Nas said. “We were in Rae’s car, this was like daytime, 4 [PM]…back in the days, when he had the ill Ac[ura], we would light weed [and] tore L’s. He brought me to see these fucking white boys, and these niggas were fucking holding [firearms]. These niggas was like, ‘What?’, [and] we got out the car like ‘What what?’ These niggas kind of clack-clacked on us, but nobody ran, so it was like, ‘Uh-huh, aight.’ Everybody walked back peacefully to their cars.”

Watch the full interview below to hear why Nas thinks Kanye West has changed the chain game. You can watch the two previous installments of L-R-G’s series here and here.

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