This year, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum will be the location of the first ever L.A. Rising concert, an event organized and curated by Rage Against the Machine and taking place on July 30th. The lineup for 2011 presently includes Muse, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Immortal Technique, and El Gran Silencio, all who will perform entire sets before Rage Against the Machine takes the stage for what could be their last show ever. During a recent trip to KROQ Los Angeles’ Kevin  & Bean morning show, Rage spoke on the event and the lineup. 

When asked about Ms. Hill’s presence at the show being different from the other acts on the bill, guitarist Tom Morello said he isn’t worried about it at all. 

“She’s going to be fine. We’ll see. I give people more credit…She’s great. She can rock a huge room, too. I think she’s going to be great.” 

They also spoke on why Immortal Technique is on the bill, saying Technique is from Inglewood, though all information on Technique says he’s from Harlem, New York via Peru. 

“[Immortal Technique’s] local too. He’s from Inglewood. He’s Peruvian too and from Inglewood and he’s a good dude,” Morello said. 

Morello also added that this is not just a show that they will be featured on, somewhat similar to what took place with Rock the Bells and other festivals in the past. Instead, he said that this would be their show, something that they plan on doing every year. What they don’t plan on doing is performing every year as the band said this is likely to be their final show together. 

A promotional video for the tour, an interview with Immortal Technique, can be seen below.

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