LL Cool J has been heavy on the acting grind over the past few years, but he’s dipping a toe back into Hip Hop. The veteran emcee recently hit the studio with super producer Jim Jonsin, who spoke to Vibe.com about recording a track for his television show NCIS.

“Working with LL Cool J. he’ll be coming by soon. He’s doing something for the TV show he’s on,” said Jonsin. “We worked yesterday, we came up with something really good, and today, we’re doing something else. We had stuff ready. Typically, I create stuff on the spot, but we had stuff ready because he didn’t have much time so he wanted us to send him some beats and then work on it in the studio with him.”

LL, who released his last album Exit 13 in 2008, previously recorded a track for NCIS titled “N.C.I.S. (No Crew is Superior).” At the time, he explained that it “represents the collective energy in the room” on the set of the show.

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