Over the weekend Alabama rapper and DX Next alum Yelawolf took to his Twitter account to express his frustration over the leak of “Gangster Of Love,” the first single off of his upcoming album RadioActive.

“Hey to who ever leaked Gangster of Love … I BET ON YOURE cock sucking mother You won’t show you’re face round HERE !!! Say somethin? The difference between me and you is that I’ll sit in jail .. Punk bitch Internet goons .. Wait till RadioActive drops .. GameOver,” said the rapper yesterday (July 3) on Twitter.

Just weeks ago Yelawolf revealed in a video with 3LittleDigs.com that the song, which features Atlanta rapper CyHi The Prynce, would be RadioActive’s first single.

The rapper may have even hinted at possibly leaving the social networking site because of the melee surrounding the “Gangster Of Love” leak.

“Good night twitter. Un follow me and tell you’re friends I suck .. I don’t give a fuck anymore .. I’m officially off line .. Love – Michael,” said Yelawolf. “To my fans ..the wolfpack I love you ALL .. And I’ll stay in touch with you on yelawolf.com RadioActive drops September 27th .. Hallerrr.”

RadioActive will be released on Tuesday, September 27.

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