A neighbor is suing Rick Ross after three of his pit bulls escaped from his Atlanta, Georgia mansion in April and mauled her pet Yorkshire Terrier, who died in the attack.

The neighbor claims that the three-year-old puppy had “three large bit wounds on his back” as well as a “very large bit wound” around his neck. Police arrived on the scene freed the dog from the attack, but the owner was forced to euthanize the dog since the wounds were so extreme.

Ross was cited for the incident, but the neighbor also filed a lawsuit against the Teflon Don demanding $15,000 in court costs and damages. The neighbor claims that Ross is yet to apologize for the incident.

[June 29]

UPDATE: Rick Ross is off the hook in the lawsuit filed against him for his dogs mauling a neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier. The judge tossed the suit since the Terrier’s owner “failed to properly serve Ross with the suit.”

“We tried to do good business … we paid the vet bill … but it was an unfortunate accident that [Banks’ owner] tried to capitalize off of,” said Ross’ manager.

The Terrier’s owner says she will continue to pursue legal action against Ross.

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