Bay Area’s Kreayshawn and her White Girl Mob affiliates have made an impression on fans and detractors alike since the emergence of the single “Gucci Gucci.” Members of the White Girl Mob received criticism for their use of the word “nigga,” a term that many feel they should not be saying. Recently Mistah F.A.B. defended the group, saying that people need to “wake up” and “stop hating.” 

“You mother fuckers need to wake up. It’s 2011,” F.A.B. told “Nobody gives a fuck about that shit no more. We grew up in the same communities, same neighborhoods. It’s not the same as how people once looked at it. You want to stand up for a cause like that? You’ll let somebody from your own race disrespect you all day, then soon as someone from outside your race…you want to turn into Malcolm X or Martin Luther King.”

In the same interview, F.A.B. went on to say that White Girl Mob’s V-Nasty, who has received the bulk of the criticism, has street credibility. 

“Believe it or not, V-Nasty is mobbing harder than you niggas that’s mad at her saying the word ‘nigga.’ V-Nasty is really mobbing. That’s like little sis. She just got out of jail for a robbery, dog. That’s public information, dog. She’s not playing, dog. That’s really what she do.” 

He finished off by saying that the group deserves a break from the “hating,” and added that they are “real Oakland” representatives.  

“It’s real Oakland. Y’all need to really need to chill out…Stop hating.” 

It should be noted that Kreayshawn and Mistah F.A.B. have, at one point, had the same management. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

The video of this interview is below.

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