Cee Lo Green is teaming up with Absolut Vodka to release a two-part online film inviting viewers to tag along on a day in the life of the Atlanta, Georgia native. The first part, “Cee Lo Distilled,” will debut on June 27th, while the second part will release on July 6th, both on Absolut’s Facebook page

With the series, fans will get a glimpse of Cee Lo’s “creative inspirations (growing up, his family, his music influences, working in the studio) as well as his thoughts on what it means to be truly exceptional in today’s music world.”

Additionally, the Gnarls Barkley member will guest edit Absolut’s Facebook page for 10 days by interacting with fans. A Facebook app will also be released that sends a custom video message from Cee Lo that comments on Relationship Status updates.

Check out a preview of the series below.

[June 20]

UPDATE: In the first segment of Absolut’s two-part “Cee Lo Distilled” series, the Atlanta, Georgia performer and his Goodie Mob group member Big Gipp take a trip down memory lane. They recounted highlights from early in their careers, including a memorable performance in New York.

“One thing that comes to mind is when we first moved to New York, we opened up for Biggie as Goodie Mob,” Cee-Lo said. “Biggie was right up front, Puff directed OutKast’s first video, so we’d all been connected. We kind of almost helped to identify each other. We were the dirty South.”

Big Gipp shared his memory of seeing Cee-Lo perform for the first time, and said that his addition to the Dungeon Family–which includes OutKast–was natural. “From that experience, somehow he got to the dungeon. I think the Dungeon Family really just started on a vibe,” Gipp said. “We really started vibing and music started to just come.”

Watch the first part below, and head over to the Facebook page or Absolut Drinks for more information.

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