Without even releasing his debut album Finally Famous: The Album, G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean finds himself in a legal controversey. He and Chris Brown have been wrangled into a lawsuit at Molloy College over the lyrics to their hit single “My Last.”

According to MTV, 19-year-old student Caitlin Ortiz posted a lyric from “My Last” on a picture on Facebook. The line “And I’m put this drink upp like it’s my last” was posted under a picture of Ortiz drinking an alcoholic beverage. 

After the picture was posted, the school’s coach and athletic director Susan Cassidy-Lyke referred to the Facebook posting as, “thug-like,” which Ortiz contends prompted Molloy College to revoke her softball scholarship.



“Cassidy-Lyke referred Ortiz to a printout of Ortiz’s Facebook page and stated Ortiz should not have posted the typo-filled song lyric [including] ‘and imm put this drink upp like its my last’ – because she did not want recruiters to think Molloys’ softball team was ‘full of thugs,” read an official complaint.

Ortiz has since responded with a lawsuit against the school. Another of her Facebook postings, one that was reportedly a threat made by Ortiz against a house mate, is also mentioned in the complaint.

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