Many have compared West Coast collective Odd Future to Wu-Tang Clan given their penchant for leftfield musical concepts and deep crews. But according to Method Man, he doesn’t welcome comparison between the group, despite the fact that he feels their movement. 

“Why? ‘Cause of the eyeball thing? ‘Cause he put the black eyeball things in? That’s what media does. They compare shit,” he told Soul Culture UK. “Like when Tyson first came out, I remember people saying ‘He reminds of a young Joe Frazier.’ They always gotta compare something to something to give you a scale, so to speak, in your mind. If I was Odd Future, I wouldn’t want to be compared to anybody.”

Despite their differences, Johnny Blaze showed love for the eccentric crew, especially Tyler, The Creator. “I love Odd Future, by the way. I like Tyler, The Creator, that song ‘Yonkers’… I like Odd Future. They’re good. They’re different, a breath of fresh air. Tyler, The Creator, very weird. But I’m into weird shit.”

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