Rakim recently reminisced on his discography and selected “The Punisher” as both his favorite song and verse. The God MC, who recorded the track with Eric B for 1992’s Don’t Sweat the Technique, revealed his standout bars from the tune.

“My favorite song might be ‘The Punisher’ that I did,” he told Soul Culture TV. “My favorite verse might be, ‘Go manufacture a mask show me after / A glass of a master that has to make musical massacres.’”

He explained that the way he delivered those lines was part of a new style, and that the words always stuck with him. 

“Four bars, two bars right there at that time was kind of like a new style to pop off. And for some reason, it was just one of those things that I always felt like ‘Yeah, yeah. Yeah, that’s it right there.’ At certain times, I might feel a different verse or different joint, but coming up, I just remember all the time that couple of bars. I don’t want to be rude, but it kind of made my joint hard.”

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