Earlier this week, on Tuesday, November 16, legendary New York Hip Hop group Eric B & Rakim were inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. The event took place at Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York.

“I want to thank the committee for understanding what we do and giving us this prestigious award.  We definitely appreciate it,” said Rakim. Eric B added, “You know what Rak, we never got a BET award, a Soul Train Award, a Grammy, but guess what.  We got a Long Island Music Award!” The two then embraced on stage for a hug.

Following the presentation of awards, from legendary music accountant Bert Padell, Rakim performed a medley of classics on stage without Eric.

Vice Chairman of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame Tom Needham, said,”This was the moment that all Hip Hop fans and gala attendees were waiting to see. Eric B. and Rakim are living legends who produced so many classic songs. We have all been waiting for this to happen. For Rap fans, it is almost as if John Lennon and Paul McCartney had reunited after they broke up the Beatles.”

Last month, Eric B. spoke to HipHopDX about the significance of the award/induction. “It’s always a good thing when people say they respect what you’ve done, something helpful. Next year will be 25 years since [Rakim and I] started out. We stood the test of time. Rap changes rapidly. It used to be that Rap would change every six months, now Rap changes every month, in [terms of] style. So to still be recognized 25 years later, it’s always a plus and it’s a great thing.”

In that same interview, Eric stressed that the two never broke up, despite the duo ceasing to work together artistically since 1992. Read it here.

Artists such as Lou Reed, Joan Jett, Eddie Money and DJ Johnny Juice were in attendance for the event.

Video footage, courtesy of Artisan News, can be seen below:

For more info on the Long Island Music Hall of Fame visit here.