Shyheim was in attendance at Madison Square Garden when Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur recorded their classic freestyle. In an interview with Gasface, the Brooklyn, New York rapper recalls hitting the road with Big Daddy Kane and how he ended up in attendance at the MSG show. 

“My godfather – shout out to Big Daddy Kane – at the time, Kane had a tour going on and he would bring me, Biggie, Tupac – a bunch of artists, New York artist. ‘Cause he was going big stadiums at the time so he would let us come and do our thing,” he said. “That night, we was at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Mister Cee, he used to always record every show. So shout out to Mister Cee for recording that great moment in hip-hop.” 

He says that the freestyle came naturally to the fallen MCs. “They say that’s the greatest freestyle ever. It was really just having fun. Just out there having fun, having a good time,” he continued. “We always had ciphers and rapped with each other, so it was very natural. Rest in peace to Tupac, rest in peace to Biggie.” 

Shyheim also recalled staring out into the crowd during the show. “Yeah, it was 50,000 people. Can you imagine? I was a kid. I was like, oh shit. They was like yeah! It was beautiful.”

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